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Prenatal Precious Gems™ Gummy Multivitamin

Prenatal Precious Gems™ Gummy Multivitamins are a delicious, easy way to get your prenatal nutrition, with 14 essential nutrients, fruits and vegetables, and probiotics. Prenatal Precious Gems™ nourish mom and baby, promote baby’s health y development, and are the only prenatal gummy with probiotics to aid digestion.* With their refreshing orange zest flavor and their stay-fresh, single-serve packets, they are convenient and easy to take, even on the go – and contain no gluten, wheat, milk/dairy, soy, nuts, eggs, shellfish or artificial additives.

Therapeutic Nutrition with Energy, Stress and Digestive Support

Gentle on the stomach with 100 million probiotics, plus concentrated fruits & vegetables

Iron-free Prenatal Precious Gems™ contain essential nutrients in potencies that deliver optimal nourishment and protection for mom and baby throughout pregnancy and nursing, including DHA, choline, biotin, vitamins A & C, and 800 IU vitamin D3 to support baby’s healthy brain, eyes, bone and teeth.* 800 mcg of Folic Acid, critical for preventing birth defects, promotes healthy new cells and baby’s brain, skull and spinal development.* Vitamin B-complex provides natural energy, promotes cell development, and lowers occasional stress.*

Wholesome Food-Based, Easy to Digest Formula

Nourishing Fruit & Vegetable Blend of acai, pomegranate, cranberry, black currant, papaya, red beet, purple sweet potato, red cabbage and carrot, provide added nutrition and natural energy.* 100 million probiotics (healthy bacteria) enhance digestion without taxing your system or causing stomach upset.*

Free of Wheat, Gluten, Milk, Soy, Nuts, Eggs & Shellfish, with No Artificial Additives

Prenatal Precious Gems contain no gluten, wheat, milk/dairy, soy, nuts, eggs, shellfish, or any artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.

Easy on the Stomach; Can be Taken without Food

Chew the contents of 1 packet (3 gummies) daily, while pregnant, nursing or trying to conceive. Can be taken on an empty stomach.

Supports Moms and Babies Worldwide

Your purchase of Prenatal Precious Gems supports ongoing 10:1 donations to the worldwide Vitamin Angels Maternal Health Project, which delivers life-saving nutritional support for improved birth weights and reduced mortality and morbidity rates, birth defects and ailments caused by nutritional deficiencies.

100% Post-Consumer Recycled, 100% Recyclable EcoGuard™ Packaging

Packaged in 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, BPA-free Eco-Guard™ packaging with a 92% lower carbon footprint than virgin plastic.

Featured Ingredients:

  • Nourishing vitamins, minerals and foods that promote baby’s healthy development, and support mom’s nutrition and energy*
  • 800 mcg of Folic Acid, critical for preventing birth defects, promotes healthy new cells and baby’s brain, skull and spinal development*
  • 800 IU of vitamin D3, 60 mg of vitamin C and 5,000 IU of vitamin A support bone, skin, eye and immune health*
  • DHA, EPA and Other Omega-3 Fatty Acids supports development of baby’s brain and eyes*
  • Nourishing Fruit & Vegetable Blend of superfood concentrates provide added nutrition, plus vitamin B-complex for natural energy, cell development, and stress and immune support.*
  • 100 million probiotics enhance digestion without stomach upset*
  • Wheat-free, gluten-free, milk/dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free and shellfish-free, with no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or other additives.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.